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LANXESS takes high-tech plastics plant in Belgium into operation

LANXESS has taken its new plant for polyamide plastics in Antwerp, Belgium, into operation as planned. The world-scale facility for polyamide plastics is designed for an annual capacity of around 90,000 metric tons. It represents an investment volume of EUR 75 million. The main customer of lightweight plastics is the automotive industry.

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Supporting Science Education for Children in Tohoku

LANXESS donates experiment kits to Yamada, Iwate Prefecture

LANXESS donated a total of five Elementary School Chemistry experiment kits to elementary schools in Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture in April 2014. Provided through Save the Children Japan (SCJ), three of the kits went to Funakoshi Elementary School in Yamada and two were given to the town’s Board of Education.

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When the ball is on a roll

It rolls around every four years: The best national soccer teams meet to play for the world championship. Hundreds of millions of people are on their feet or on the edge of their seats in the stands, at public viewing events or at home in front of their televisions. Whether Messi, Ronaldo, and company cause rapture, delight, or indeed despair with their performances this year in Brazil, won’t just be a function of the players’ physical attributes.

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Brazil wears Bayferrox

Soccer stadiums and infrastructure and urban projects count on inorganic pigments from LANXESS

LANXESS inorganic pigments have brought beauty and sustainability to sports arenas, popular landmarks and urban infrastructure such as streets, sidewalks and plazas all over the world for decades. In Brazil, the specialty chemicals company is part of the game as well.

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LANXESS: High-tech products for sports

Faster, better, stronger: Brazil will once again be alive with action from June 12 to July 13. At the soccer event 2014, it's all about peak performance. Like everywhere else in the world, the people at LANXESS in Cologne, Germany, will have their eyes on Brazil when the time comes again for great achievements. LANXESS is always a part of top-level competitive sports.

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LANXESS and Sports

Discover the possibilities!

LANXESS products play an important role in sports. On the occasion of the World Championship Tournament, we would like to introduce our portfolio for sports goods and construction.

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LANXESS presents challenging fiscal 2013 to shareholders

At this year's Annual Meeting of Stockholders in the LANXESS arena in Cologne, specialty chemicals group LANXESS presented the results of fiscal 2013 to some 2,000 shareholders.

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LANXESS introduces fuel saving calculator for fleet operators in Japan

Marking National Tire Day by promoting “Green Tires” to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has introduced a Japanese-language version of a calculation program for fleets, the “LANXESS vehicle fleet calculator,” to mark Japan’s National Tire Day on April 8.

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Supporting Tohoku

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WebMagazine: How LANXESS supports sports

Inorganic Pigments

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High-tech products for sports


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Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2014

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