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LANXESS at K 2016

The international plastics and rubber industry meets in Düsseldorf in October. K 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for the industry, will be taking place there from 19th to 26th October. LANXESS, too, will be showcasing its wide range of high-performance plastic products to the exhibition there. Read in the LANXESS WebMagazine how LANXESS presents its new products and the company’s motto “Quality Works.”

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LANXESS Announces Plan to Acquire Chemtura

LANXESS (FRA: LXS) reaches the next milestone on its growth path: The specialty chemicals company announced plans to acquire US-based Chemtura Corporation (NYSE: CHMT), one of the major global providers of high-quality flame retardant and lubricant additives. With the largest acquisition in its history, LANXESS is building on its own additives portfolio and will become one of the world’s major actors in this growing market.

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Successful sustainability

LANXESS will be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World for the sixth time in succession from September 19, 2016.

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Sustainable Development Goals

At their Summit in New York, the United Nations adopted the “2030 Agenda for sustainable development” on 25 September 2015. LANXESS supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

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Q2 2016 results

LANXESS has released its results for the second quarter 2016 on August 10, 2016. The figures were announced at a telephone press conference.

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Educational Program Drives Children’s Smile and Future of Tohoku

LANXESS held Science Workshops 2016 for students in Tohoku.

Engaging in the community through educational program is one of our continuous initiatives as a sustainable company in Japan. LANXESS K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of German specialty chemicals company LANXESS, recently held science workshops for school students in Ishinomaki City and Higashi Matsushima City of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

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Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy's program for 2016

Training sessions led by top level instructors took place from July 23 to 28 at Sports Heim Okushiga, Okushiga Kougen, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. A special concert will be held on July 30 in Okushiga and the final concert will be held on August 1 at Hakuju Hall, Tokyo.

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Report on Disaster Recovery in Tohoku

New community center opened in Yamada, Tohoku

July 2, 2016 was a most memorable day for children in Yamada — the opening of their very own community center! It has been a long time since children in the town of Yamada started discussing the concept of the “Dream Compact Town” and community center. They have been making a huge effort in the planning and designing. Hideo Tsuji, CEO of LANXESS in Japan, was invited to the opening ceremony as one of the main guests.



As soon as it gets warmer, they show up again. These irritating pests, only a few millimeters in size, stick their proboscis into the skin of a human victim to suck out their blood. In the process, they can transmit many dangerous diseases, like the Zika-Virus. We are talking about mosquitoes.An effective active ingredient, Saltidin® from LANXESS, keeps mosquitoes from biting.

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"Color for Life"

New microsite on Colored Concrete now online!

Color plays an increasingly important role in making life pleasant. It is a versatile design element. Pigments from LANXESS are used to impart an aesthetically pleasing appearance to a wide variety of construction applications, such as roofs, walls and roads, in artificial grass, or in laminate floors. Read more about what they are and how they are used!

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You can find interesting and familiar contents about Chemicals here!

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Chemtura Akquisition

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Q2 2016 results

Science Workshop 2016 in Tohoku

LANXESS held Science Workshops 2016 for students in Tohoku.

The chamber Music Academy sponsorship

Report on Disaster Recovery of Tohoku

New community center opened in Yamada, Tohoku


New microsite

"Color for Life"

LANXESS Webmagazine

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